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 Sedative Fillings

A “sedative filling” is a temporary filling used to repair a decayed, chipped, cracked, or  damaged tooth, where the bacteria and decay have gotten really close to the nerve of the tooth. By doing a sedative filling, we are essentially stimulating the tooth to heal and repair so we can avoid loosing the tooth or more invasive treatment.

We first anesthetize to get you comfortable. We then remove all decayed tooth structure and perform ozone therapy on the tooth - this helps in killing off any remaining harmful bacteria. We place a calcium based liner and base to thicken the deepest layers of tooth nearest to the pulp of the tooth. A temporary material is placed on the tooth and we bring you back in a few weeks to repeat the process.

After  multiple rounds of sedative fillings with ozone therapy, we assess the tooth and proceed with a permanent restoration.

At any time during this healing process, there is a probability that the decay has already reached the nerve and is irreversible. If it becomes spontaneous, the doctor will discuss other treatment options.

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