Ceramic Implants 


At our office, we use nothing but 100% metal free ceramic implants, which are made from high a performance material called Zirconia. Zirconia is biocompatible and very well tolerated by the body. Zirconia has a higher acceptance rate by the body, when compared to titanium, and has lower risks of inflammation and failure due to infection, as bacteria do not adhere well to ceramic implants.

Also, if you have a metal allergy, or just dont like the idea of having metal in your body, ceramic implants are better suited for you. 

Strength and Longevity

Due to the mechanical strength and durability of the material, zirconia implants are able to withstand significant mechanical stress from a lifetime of chewing, and can remain in the jaw bone forever.

Immediate Placement

At Phoenix Biological Dentistry, we are well equipped with the latest and greatest technology and tools to perform immediate (same day) implant placement. If you are in need of an extraction, you can schedule an implant placement the same day. The benefits of same day placement is reduced time in surgery, go thru the healing process once, and reduced wait time to have your teeth back!