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Night Guard


Teeth clenching, known as bruxism, can cause headaches, jaw pain, soreness, and even broken teeth, especially when it happens at night.

According to the Bruxism Association, people who grind their teeth are three times more likely to suffer from headaches.

Anger, anxiety, frustration, and stress, are four primary reasons people may grind their teeth. In fact, 70% of people who grind their teeth suffer from stress and anxiety according to American Dental Association.

Relaxation techniques like meditation, hot shower, warm bath, and mindfulness exercises can help your body release any lingering tension. 

If patients still need a device to help protect their teeth from excessive forces, we can fabricate a night guard. Night guards—also known as mouth guards, splints, or occlusal appliances—fit over the teeth. While a night guard can be purchased over the counter, a custom made night guard will have a better fit, depending on the severity of bruxism.

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