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Advanced Dental Technology


We are a completely digital dental office, meaning all information including all of our patients record, images, and scans are stored digitally. This helps us be HIPAA compliant. We take your privacy seriously.

Digital Radiographs 

Radiographs are an essential part of diagnosis and treatment planning. We welcome patients bringing their own radiographs from elsewhere, but sometimes if the quality of the radiographs hinders visibility and diagnosis, we will take  new digital radiographs.

Digital radiography exposes you to much less radiation, takes less time, and we have the newest, lowest dose technology available. 

Conebeam Ct Scan

If at any point a 3D scan is needed  for an in-depth look at patients intraoral site, teeth, jaws or airway. We are equipped with a conebeam machine that features the lowest dose radiation scan available on the market.

Digital Scanner

Gone are the days of gooey impression material, ruining your clothes and making you gag! We digitally scan your teeth for crowns, night guards, dentures and many other appliances.

Intraoral Camera

Patients are able to view their own teeth with the help of an intraoral camera. We will show you if we find any signs of decay, white spots or failing restorations. That way, YOU are an active part of YOUR treatment planning and decision making, here, at Phoenix Biological Dentistry.

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