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An Introduction to Phoenix Biological Dentistry

Going to the dentist shouldn't be agonizing. Unfortunately, many of us have had bad experiences in the past with dental visits. One reason why people have a bad experience is because many dental providers are only looking to treat the teeth. They often forget that the teeth are a part of a much bigger and wholesome picture; the person herself!

Holistic dentistry focuses on you, as an individual. That is why we make sure all your needs are met and you are comfortable during your visit. Each treatment is designed to personally fit you and your dental needs. Everyone undergoes their own treatment process and our biological approach helps us discover the best choice for your whole body.

As technology is advancing, we are letting go of old, uncomfortable procedures and adopting newer, efficient ones. For example, at Phoenix Biological Dentistry, we have done away with the idea of taking physical impressions by loading your mouth with putty. Research has shown it to initiate gag reflex, making it a very uncomfortable experience. We have digital scanners, where we take multiple pictures of the tooth/teeth or supporting tissue in question, and use that to build an image of your mouth.

We use intraoral cameras to aid us in showing you different areas in your mouth, so that you can actively participate in treatment designing and planning.

We also use electric handpieces instead of the air driven ones in order to give us better control of the speed with which it rotates. This enables us to avoid directing excessive heat/damage to the tooth.

We have acquired a low dose 3D imaging scanner to minimize radiation exposure for us, and our patients.

Along with technology, we focus on building a dentist-patient relationship built on trust and respect.

Dr Maryam Hamdan, DMD

Phoenix Biological Dentistry

Content: Holistic Dentistry, Biological Dentistry, advanced technology, CT scan (cone beam/cbct), ozone therapy


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