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The most obvious benefit of Invisalign is that it is a clear, barely noticeable alternative to braces. What may be a surprise is how this coincides with the holistic approach. Many people who get traditional braces are insecure about their appearance. The stress caused by this insecurity has a myriad of negative side effects including everything from depression and anxiety to physical issues like heart problems and low energy. Invisalign clear aligners help patients feel good about their appearance while improving it with straighter teeth.

Comfort and Convenience

While speaking about the psychological benefits of Invisalign, it’s important to mention the comfort and convenience of the clear aligners. With no metal wires of braces, you can avoid the discomfort of cutting the inside of your mouth. Also, Invisalign doesn’t require constant trips to the dentist to tighten wires. Patients are given their aligners in advance and simply replace them every two weeks. With more comfort and fewer trips to the dentist, patients are less stressed and frustrated with the process. 


The holistic approach to dentistry takes every medical need of a patient into account when developing a treatment plan. They take into consideration that some patients have metal allergies that can potentially cause local and systemic problems when using braces. Using Invisalign can take that problem out of the equation. Rather than take the risk of an allergic reaction with traditional metal braces, holistic dentists will use hypoallergenic BPA-free plastic aligners.


Tooth Decay

The holistic approach is always concerned with the negative effects of bacteria and bacterial infections on the body. With Invisalign, the chances of bacterial infections are significantly reduced. Traditional braces allow food particles to become lodged behind the wires and braces and brushing/flossing becomes more difficult. This allows bacteria to feed on plaque and grow, eating away at the surface of the tooth and potentially causing an infection. Invisalign’s removable design lets patients brush properly and there are fewer crevices for food to get stuck in. Bacterial infections negatively affect overall health in several ways and Invisalign helps combat this issue.

Removable Aligners

With traditional metal braces, patients have to constantly think about which foods they can and can’t eat. When certain foods are restricted, it’s more difficult to maintain a balanced, healthy diet. Patients may stick to foods they know are ‘safe’, even if it is not the healthiest option. Their chewing patterns may also change when wearing traditional braces. When food is not chewed properly, it is digested differently which can prevent someone from getting all of the food’s nutrients. With Invisalign, you can simply pop the aligners off when it’s time to eat, meaning none of this is an issue. A healthy diet is one of the most essential aspects of someone’s overall health and Invisalign is the best way to keep eating healthy while straightening your teeth.

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