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Unfortunately, there are times when the only treatment for your health and wellness is to extract a tooth. 

As a part of the extraction process, Dr Hamdan performs a sequestrectomy to surgically remove the periodontal ligament and infected tissue that would act as a food source for microbes or cause altered healing at the site, also known as cavitation.


In the case of a root canal extraction, special techniques and instruments are required for proper extraction, and should only be performed by dentists or oral surgeons experienced in this procedure. The tooth and its roots become very brittle and fracture easily during extraction. Tooth fragments that are left behind may result in an infection. This requires careful surgical techniques to remove the tooth, associated fragments, and potential periapical abscess or other types of inflammatory tissues that could impact proper healing and regeneration of bone. 

After the tooth is extracted, we implement ozone therapy to reduce the presence of harmful microbes, and ensure a clean site for bone graft and platelet rich fibrin (PRF) placement.

As bone is often missing or thin following an extraction, due to either chronic infection or loss during surgical removal of the tooth, we place bone graft with PRF at the site to promote a healthy site for future or same day implant placement.

To aid in healing of the socket and prevent socket infection, we use PRF therapy, where blood is drawn from you and spun in a high centrifugal machine to make platelet rich fibrin. These platelets are rich in growth factors and plasma proteins, that accelerate the healing process and have an antimicrobial effect, due to the cluster of white cells delivered to the site. PRF and bone graft are then placed in the extraction site after the tooth is removed,  to speed up the process of healing by using the body's own immune response, since the platelets originated from you.

Dr Hamdan is trained in the Ögram System extraction technique for atraumatic tooth removal which provides predictable results for simple and complex erupted teeth, and protects implant anatomy. 

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