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Dental Implant Removal

Unfortunately, there are times when an implant fails. Although we only place ceramic dental implants, we are capable of removing both ceramic and metal implants. 

In general, there are two methods to remove a failed dental implant. 
One method requires the use of a cutting instrument called a trephine bur. This instrument is used to safely cut the bone tissue that's holding the implant in place. Only a small portion of bone tissue is cut, typically no more than 1 mm. That is often enough to loosen the implant so that it can be removed. 

The more tech-savvy way to remove dental implants nowadays is by using a device known as an adapter. This allows Dr Hamdan to remove the implant without having to cut through bone tissue. The adapter is a device that can generate high amounts of torque which loosens and removes the implant from the bone.

However, not all implants can be removed solely using an adapter. At times, the bone tissue holding it in place has formed a powerful bond that requires removing some of it to loosen the implant. For such cases, a very small portion of bone tissue is removed before an adapter is used to pull out the tooth.

Following either method, once the implant is removed, the area is cleaned.  PRF and bone graft are placed in the site to enhance the healing process, and supplement bone loss from the removal. 

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