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Ceramic Crowns


Dental crowns are utilized to “cap” a damaged tooth or can be connected to an implant in the event of losing a permanent tooth. If a circumstance arises (chipped/ fractured tooth, decay, or cracked tooth), we will plan on getting the tooth ready for complete coverage with an all ceramic crown. We scan the tooth digitally and send it over to the lab to fabricate a custom made crown for you. What makes crowns so unique is the way that they are specially designed for each patient. They will match the size, shape and color of the surrounding teeth.

Why do we use a lab to make your crown, rather than in-house with a CEREC machine, you ask? Crown design is part technical, part art. Lab made crowns are made by specialists whose full time job is to make them. Lab specialists make the most aesthetically pleasing,  and best fitting crowns. When crowns are made with CEREC, it forces dental offices to attempt to be crown design specialists, and the fact is, we are not as good at it as someone who does it as a profession. 

Unfortunately, many dental offices use CEREC because of the draw of pushing more volume, reducing patient visits and lab costs. At Phoenix Biological Dentistry, we want to do it the right way, and have a specialist make you a durable, comfortable crown, as beautiful as your original tooth. 

Ceramic Bridges

Dental bridges are utilized to replace at least one missing tooth by literally “bridging” the space between the rest of the teeth.

Much like permanent crowns, permanent bridges are anchored in with the help of the neighboring teeth next to the missing tooth/teeth.  We only use high quality porcelain/ceramic material to design  dental bridges. We utilize our digital scanner to scan the neighboring teeth and your bite so that lab can make a bridge with which you can chew, talk, smile, like you used to, and it lasts a long time. It is very important for you to get regular cleanings and keep the prosthesis clean by brushing and flossing.

Ceramic Implant Supported Bridge

In cases where an individual has several missing teeth or has root canal treated teeth that they are looking to remove, ceramic implants may be used to support a ceramic bridge to restore a beautiful smile and a functioning bite for chewing.

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